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Tattoo fading, removal and correction services including spot treatments by colour or location.

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Tattoos are a true expression of self! At Blackout Tattoo Removal, we help you tailor your body art to become the final version of yourself! Whether you are looking for full tattoo removal, fading for a cover up, or selectively removing areas of ink, our skilled technicians can help create a treatment plan that works for you.

Tattoo Fading

Our industry leading equipment breaks down ink particles and fades the tattoo to your desired results. Fading is recommend before a cover up to provide the best possible canvas for a new tattoo.

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Tattoo Removal

Blackout Tattoo Removal is a judgement free space and we understand the need to remove a tattoo. Our machines are equipped for the complete removal of a tattoo while optimizing patient comfort.

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Selective Removal

Artwork doesn’t always have to be covered up or removed completely to fall back in love with it. Our equipment is precise within 3mm and can target by colour or location to remove or fade specific elements for your artist to adjust.

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