Particles Fading


“Redness after treatment went away after a couple days, no problems, no pain”


A forgotten “Warrior” Kanji that has seen better days. Looking to fade and eventually remove this ink for a clean, clear canvas.

Tattoos on our back or in areas that are not always visible we can forget about them. In this case, it was a photo that reminded this client that he even had it. It’s old, the ink has bled, and it no longer represents who he is. This kanji is saturated, so more sessions will likely be required for full removal.


One treatment in so far and a close up reveals the ink particles fading and beginning to clear. Fading is subtle, but by documenting our results after each treatment, we can see improvement from session to session.

Follow this Tattoo as we zap it away.

Services Provided

  • Tattoo Removal
  • Tattoo Fading