Tattoo Fading

Contrary to popular belief, laser tattoo removal is used more as a reparative tool than just an eraser. Tattoo artists around the world are directing their cover up clients to laser tattoo removal clinics before applying a cover up. In most cases, cover ups are often limited to dark, black ink and large, dense pieces in order to completely cover an existing piece. This can be disappointing for the tattoo wearer because they’re not able to get the artwork they truly desire and are limited to the colours they can incorporate.

Laser tattoo removal fades an existing unwanted tattoo and creates a cleaner canvas for tattoo artists to work on. Not only does this give you more creativity with your cover up, it also gives your tattoo artist more flexibility to incorporate different elements, colours, and dimension to your as opposed to a large, black square.

Fading is often recommended before a cover up to provide the best possible canvas for a new tattoo. Fading usually require 3-4 treatments.

Blackout Tattoo Removal is a service for people with tattoos. Easily the most important factor in researching laser tattoo removal services is finding a certified laser operator who understands tattoos and their application. We understand tattoo application, have experience in tattoo studios and look forward to collaborating with local artists to prepare the best canvas possible.


Based on 3”x3” area
Packages are available: buy 5, get 20% off (buy 4, get one free). Pricing will increase proportional to the treatment size. Please request a complimentary consultation for accurate pricing.


Following a complimentary consultation, we will personalize a treatment plan based on your needs. Laser treatments are over very quickly, often only lasting seconds, but require multiple sessions. The number of treatments required will range from 3-10 depending on required results, quality of the tattoo, and your personal health.

Treatments are scheduled 6-8 weeks apart.


  • All tattoos
  • Focus on specific colours
  • Target specific areas (within 3mm)
  • Cover up prep